Welcome To The New Site!

Hey! What’s Going On Here?

Hey! Hey! If you’re here from the What Does The Fox Say, then you’ve come to the write place! If you’re here for the very first time, then welcome to ZenZone. Some things are still under construction and being fine-tuned so do bear with me. But first things first…

What’s This Site For?

My main focus is still writing and writers, though specifically helping fellow writers who are thinking of doing the self-published route because let’s face it: self-publishing is not easy. But with that being said neither is traditional. Now do note that I will primarily talk about fantasy fiction because that is my area of expertise, but the things I’ll talk about should be applicable to other fiction genres.

However, what I’ll also be doing is talking about other topics and interests such as tea, health, relaxation, my own works, and the journey to making this crazy writing dream work as it happens step-by-step.

And I do hope that you’ll be along for the ride.






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