Fun Friday: Matcha

I’ll be blunt. Matcha is one of my favorite ingredients of all time. You can drink it straight in just water, have it as a latte, put it in cookies, pancakes, or cakes. I’ve had it as ice cream, frozen yogurt, even as soba noodles and in my kit-kats.

I just kind of want to spotlight this tea because over the years, it helped me to overcome some of the biggest obstacles I’ve often had with writing. But before we get into all that…

What is matcha exactly?

Matcha is a fine green powder made from the whole leaf of green tea plants rather than the chopped leaves you usually see in a tea bag at the grocery store. So when you make your tea, you pretty much ingest the whole part of the leaf instead of drinking what steeps into your water. Lately, Matcha green tea has gotten quite a bit of fame because of its health benefits which include mood boosting, help with concentration, providing antioxidants, and cancer fighting properties.

As a person who has long-term concentration with relaxation issues, I have to say that matcha is a heaven sent for me. In college I tried the coffee route of doing everything, but I’ve never been that great at handling large amounts of caffeine. I get sick from it too easy, and when I have it, I often can’t have food for quite some time afterward. And to make things worse, the crash killed me more often than it helped. Nowadays I’m slowly working to overcome that, but matcha is my go-to. Ever since I’ve begun to drink it, my school performance improved, my writing sessions improved, and even my overall health and energy improved. And now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t get sick as often. Of course, I’ve become more careful health-wise in otherwise, but matcha is the first small change that I made that made a huge difference.

But before I forget, matcha does have caffeine in it! Not the same amount as coffee, a lot less, but still enough that can it can mess with you if you drink too much of it. And if you’re sensitive to caffeine like I am, then you might want to start small.

But I’ve said my bit on the subject, if you have any thoughts, ideas, recipes on the subject, then drop a comment below! See ya crazies!



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