Fun Friday: Pokemon Sun and Moon Is Here! And A Tiny Talk About Fear

Hey hey everyone! Gumiho here and I’m back (quite late) with another post. While it’s true this has nothing to do with writing whatsoever, what the hey, most Fun Friday posts don’t! 😀

And this game is something that I’ve been so hyped up for that it’s amazing that I haven’t combusted into marshmallows and sparkles from the wait. I kid you not, I was at door guard duty all day from 6am this morning because I was just that excited. Buying the main Pokemon titles are a tradition, and I’m glad that I was able to preorder mine way ahead of time.

But in the meantime, I had an idea. While I’d been fascinated by all the leaked news and trailers, I also started looking at the channels of my favorite Let’s Play YouTubers and I thought…hey, I love Pokemon, why not give Let’s Plays a try?

Immediately, my stomach shriveled up like a squeezed sponge because I’m like: well, I’m quiet, awkward, and I can barely communicate well to friends to friends and family, let alone strangers. And I don’t have any of that fancy capture equipment, or a modded 3DS. Hell, I don’t even have a tripod. I just have a digital camera that’s decent. So I kinda thought… who would want to listen to me?

But then the stubborn, don’t-care part of me stepped in saying, “Try it anyway! You don’t know that.” So then I decided to try and practice the motions of recording days ahead of the release so that when the games came out, I’d be ready to record my gameplay.

So today, I put out my first video.

It’s not great by any means. I didn’t expect it to be, but I had so much fun making it! I actually looked at other first videos of Let’s Players, and surprisingly found that their beginnings were no better than mine. Blurry cameras, dim lighting, shy voices, and all. It’s crazy how people like Chuggaconroy and Masaeanela are worlds away from when they first started.

And that gives me hope.

So I decided, to treat these Let’s Plays that I do as a lesson in learning communication to an audience and improving my verbal skills in general. Hopefully, I’ll improve this over the years.

Maybe it’ll even be something that I want to stick with permanently.

If you want to follow and support me through this journey, you can do it here.

Happy Friday everybody! If you happen to be a Pokemon fan, I hope that you have or get your copy of Sun and Moon soon.

See you all next time. 🙂




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