Fun Friday: A Look Back At Pokemon Sun and Moon and Thoughts On The Next VGC Tournament

Hey everybody, back again with another post. And since it’s a Fun Friday let’s go ahead and put writing aside for a bit talk about something more video-game related: the brand-new Pokemon games in detail.

I’m gonna have to go right out and say it. I love these games. Pokemon has been following their own recipes for so long that after a while the same things do get repetitive, but not in these games. They actually shake up the usual gym challenge and have you do trials in special areas instead.


While every trial is still based around a certain type like gyms, the puzzles are varied and interesting. For the most part, none are alike, and they’re all fun in my opinion.

The next thing I found interesting are all the new Pokemon this time around.


To be honest, when the stats came out on, I wasn’t sure how to feel about them. If you’re a more competitive player, you might’ve felt that way too, especially about the UBs. But overall, I found that quite a bit of pokemon for this gen were on the slower side and also tanky (with exceptions). And that’s going to make for interesting turnout for VGC since I believe it’s limited to the Alolan dex if I’m not mistaken. In the picture above, is one of my new favorites for Gen 7 and one of the most notorious ones that’s been causing people quite a bit of a hassle. It’s Salazzle, a poison/fire type that’s pretty much meant to be a special attacker. It evolves from Salandit, but there’s a catch.

Only the females evolve.

That wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for the fact that the chances of finding one in the wild is only 12.5%. Though if you are struggling to catch a female and really want one it’s not as hard as you think. Get yourself a male pokemon with Cute Charm and it’s pretty much easy street.

I, on the other hand, couldn’t just stop at a normal salazzle and had to go the whole masochistic nine yards for a shiny one. And while I’m on the topic, shiny hunting is a hell of a lot easier too. You can do it while you EV train and level up which is uber convenient.

But now to talk about VGC feels…

This is the first time I’ve ever genuinely wanted to be a part of the VGC madness and I’m excited to see what strategies people have and use. Though I do have misgivings, and it starts with these four.from-left-to-right-tapus-koko-lele-bulu-and-fini

The tapus, I genuinely feel might run rampant because of their terrain abilities and their dragon immunities, specifically Bulu, Koko, and Lele. So far I’ve been seeing them all over wifi-battles, and I hope that it’s not all I see when VGC happens. Because it seems like there are a lot of fun pokemon to use and it would suck if 9/10 matches only utilize the same ones over and over. Though, the issue is that they’re kinda too good to not use.

But meh, I’m still excited nonetheless. 🙂


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