Fun Friday: My Vicissitude Book Update and Thoughts On Considering A Celebratory Free Giveaway For You All

Hey everybody, I’m back with another Fun Friday Post and this time I’m doing something slightly different.

New Years is around the bend and I’ve been hard at work hammering at my debut series books Vicissitude: Heaven Gained and Vicissitude: Lost Earth to get them ready for publishing. I’m currently at the middle point of the fourth section and I’ll be done revising Lost Earth. That one will be the first to go out and hit the stores.

Now, I don’t know if I’ve ever said this on the blog, but the Vicissitude books have been in progress for a long time- about 10 years now! It’s taken a lot of patience (of both me and those who helped work on it!), but the struggle has been all worth it! 🙂 And so I want to celebrate that with those of you guys who are following this blog and have been sticking this crazy journey out with me so far by trying out a giveaway contest.

So what I’m considering is giving away the companion soundtrack that goes with Vicissitude: Lost Earth, also made by me. I’m not sure yet how many people should get it. I’m thinking somewhere from 1-5. Leaning more towards 1-3 because I think there’s only 19 of you(at least at the time I’m writing this.)  Then there’s also the matter of finding out a way to do it so that it’s fair for everyone.

But rest assured, the chances of one of you winning is very high because there isn’t many of you yet. 😛 And it will be exclusive to people who are following this blog, meaning if for some strange reason you’re still only following the other one What Does The Fox Say, you won’t be in the picking pool for this giveaway.

But in case there are any of you who are curious, the soundtrack has 20 songs in it so in total it’s about an hour of listening time. You’ll be among the first to actually own and hear the entire thing! 😀

And also, once the book does come out, the soundtrack will not be this straightforward to get. It also might not be free, if that’s of any importance to you.

If you’re interested, then let me know your thoughts with a like or a comment, or both. If there is interest, I’ll give the official rules and details about both the soundtrack and the giveaway in another post.

Until then, Happy Friday everybody! 🙂


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