5 Super Simple Ways To Destress When The Writing Grind Gets To Be Too Much

1. Freewrite

I know what you’re thinking: Writing just stressed me out! Why would I do more of it?

Well, here’s the deal.

It’s not about the freewriting thing being extra writing. It’s about the fact that when you freewrite, you write down everything that comes to mind.

The stuff that irritates you, the stuff that frightens you, the stuff that sends you into an explosive rage, alongside the random ideas that you get can all be vented out and put to paper which helps to deal with them. These days it’s actually finding some therapeutic use.

2. Meditate- Mindfulness

Meditation is gaining more and more traction as a relaxation method. I can personally attest to meditation as being helpful when you’re really at the end of your rope.

We’re all busy and stressed out these days. Even if you could meditate for two or three minutes here and there, it’s still helpful.

3. Exercise

With how much we writers sit at the desk, a little walk or a stretch helps a lot. Not to mention that it doesn’t hurt to see that there is indeed a world out there.

4. Leave The Writing Be For A While

No shame in taking a break.

In fact, you could probably wind up ruining your precious book by forcing yourself to work when you’re brain-dead.

Now for those of you with deadlines, I understand that that’s not always possible. But if you can maybe chill for half an hour, have a snack or a swig of coffee, you’ll be in much better shape.

5. Switch From Writerly Mode To Readerly Mode

Sometimes it’s just the act of creating so many new scenes that can bog you down, not necessarily your whole writing project. If possible, see if you feel the same way when you line edit your stuff. If you’ve got nothing to edit, maybe practice on another novel you like.  Switching to reader mode helps you still get work done, but with less pressure about creating.



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