Fun Friday: Blind Journeys and Sense Challenges For Those Who Overuse The Sense Of Sight

Wooooo! You won’t believe how happy I am to be typing this right now to you all. I finally got my cord after a long agonizing wait and it feels good to be back writing.

Now as for today’s post,  I’d like to chat about the senses in writing.

Especially for writers at the beginning of their writing journey, it can be challenging to remember not to over-rely on your POV character’s eyeballs. But if you’re not used to the other senses, it can be hard to cram them in or to even get used to using them all the time.

If you are having trouble,  here’s two things that might help:

  • Take A Blind Journey
  • A Sense Challenge


1.) A Blind Journey?

Yes, as you can guess, it’s an exercise that doesn’t allow the use of sight at all. The rules are as follows.

  • At least 3 senses should be used. Four is preferred, but understandably not always possible.
  • The length does not matter as long as the above rule is followed.
  • Direct dialogue does not count. The action beats attached to them do. Ex: “I thought I told you not to come here.” would not count as sound. She said with a hoarse breathy wheeze, would count as sound.
  • Be as detailed as possible.
  • If you can, try actually closing your eyes. Not to type, of course. But to get a feel of not being able to use your eyesight. If possible, try touching things, using your other senses, or even moving around. You’ll probably find that it’s more challenging than you think! And that there are some aspects to your belongings that you probably never considered.


2.) A Sense Challenge

This one, thankfully, can be easily applied to your WIP if you want to practice there. I used to do these a long time ago, and I’m thinking of taking them up again. But here are the rules:

  • Again 3 senses minimum in a paragraph. 
  • Three paragraphs minimum. Don’t you just love the number 3?
  • Every following paragraph must have at least one different sense. Meaning that you can’t do things like, Sight-Sound-Touch then Touch-Sound-Sight in the next paragraph.
  • If the following paragraph uses more or less senses than the one before, then you aren’t required to switch out the senses. Meaning if you write a  4 sense paragraph, then you can write a three  or a five sense paragraph with whatever you want.



Hopefully this helps you all out. Sorry if it seems a bit rushed, but I wanted to have something for Fun Friday since the cord came. Let’s hope that this one lasts way much longer than my last one.

See you all on Monday. ^.~


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