Fun Friday: Shorty Short Shorts

Hey. Put the book down. I want to talk.”

Clyde lowers his book. “About what?”

Rick inhales. “You.”

Clyde’s lips contort into a frown. “Me? Rick I don’t understand.”

You’ve been getting all distracted and ditching practice,” Rick says. “Our recital is coming up.” He folds his arms. “Do you even know the song?”

The sharpness in his brother’s voice steals Clyde’s breath away. “Brother what are you talking about? Of course I know it. You’ve heard me play it.”

Rick snorts. He clenches and unclenches his fists. “Like one time. One time isn’t reliable Clyde.”

Clyde rolls his eyes and pulls his book up again. “Piss off, Rick. We still have time to practice.”

Rick scoffs. “And when is that going to be? At the last minute? I’m not doing it again. We barely squeaked by for the judges last time because you messed up.”

We made it to the next round, didn’t we?” Clyde snaps back. “And what happened to this being for fun?”

Clyde, have you seen the prize? We could finally start get our music business. No more struggling with Dad at the bakery.”

Clyde’s frown flattens even more. “I don’t know Rick. I’ve been thinking.”

Rick’s eyes narrow. “Thinking what? You’ve said it yourself that you wanted to get out of this life. Here’s our chance.”

What’s wrong with a normal job?” Clyde says.

Rick stares at his brother in open-mouthed disbelief. “A normal job? Since when did you ever care about that? I thought you—” Rick’s lip curls. “Did Alice suggest that nonsense?”

Clyde’s gaze snaps to his brother’s face at the mention of the name Alice.

Rick hmphs. “I should’ve known. Clyde that girl is changing you.”

Clyde tenses. “What’s wrong with a normal job?”

Rick turns his back on his brother. “Nothing. It’s all perfectly normal.” He reaches for the door and opens it. “But I thought we were a team.”



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