Meditative Monday: A Reflection On Obstacles and Tenacity

Woooo! It’s Meditative Monday which means it’s time to OD on tea, coffee, and existential thoughts.

Today’s topic has an interesting story behind it.

You see, these past few days, I’ve been really busting my butt and fighting with Scrivener and Amazon to fix issues with the format of my book. And let me tell you…

If you think writing your book is hard enough, wait until you have to format the damn thing.

That is hell on earth. I went through not just, one, or two, but 67 (no that is not an exaggeration) different ebook files because Scrivener just would not put in my table of contents, apply my custom chapter file names, or behave in anyway shape or form.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love me some Scrivener, but checking on an ebook file 67 times  sucks your soul out in a way that I simply can’t bring myself to wish on another living creature.

But on the bright side, I succeeded (I hope) and it made me realize something important.

Writing books will tell us to give our characters grit, make them tenacious about their goals, but isn’t it just as important for us to be the tenacious ones?

When I used to think back to my old creative writing and poetry classes, I couldn’t do it without cringing a little. Most of the time, I never felt like I fit. My writing sure as hell wasn’t that great. Every class we’d read some obscure book that all my other classmates seemed to have all the answers for and I just kinda stared into blank space wishing class was over and could never really think of anything smart to say (mostly because I could barely understand the reading.)

There were people there that were waaaaaay better than me, so I decided to keep up with them because I figured, ‘hey, you never know what you can learn’.

But as we all went our separate ways and kept in touch, I’d often ask them how their writing was coming along.

Most of them I found didn’t actually work on anything, or they just had ‘ideas’. And the more I talked to them, the more the ideas just stayed ‘ideas’.

Sometimes a rare person would start on a manuscript. Even one of the smartest guys in my class had a WIP, but he wasn’t moving far on it even though he had it for a while.

And now that I can look back, I understand a little better that I was looking at writing all wrong.

Writing the best descriptions, being good at dialogue, characters that pop off the page, the ability to make readers cry…

It’s kinda meh.

I know you’re probably thinking: whoa, whoa, whoa, you can’t say that! Why wouldn’t you want to be able to do any of that? Those are skills to die for dammit!

And I agree. They are. But here’s the thing…

However if you write the best descriptions and all that, but you don’t have any published work to show for it, then it doesn’t matter.

What is important though, is having tenacity. Because your dialogue will not save you from your writerly anxieties, doubts, or fears. Tenacity will get you through it. Hell, tenacity can get you through the practice to get better at writing too.

You can bet your booty cheek that tenacity got me through those 67 formatting blunders and my novel.

And that’s why I’d like to put it in the spotlight today. Maybe you might feel like your dialogue sucks monkey toes, or that your characters are as flimsy as a thong. If that’s you, try to relax for a minute.

If you’re not amazeballs right now, you don’t have to be. You just have to have to be able to persevere through the drafts. You can always become amazeballs with practice and rewriting.

You might laugh, but you gotta remember that the best thing never written don’t pay no bills.

And somewhere out there, some completely obscure pulp you’ve never read is making somebody some $$.



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