Fun Friday: Magnus Chase Book 1: The Sword of Summer by Rick Jordan (And Announcements And Shenanigans)

*rubs hands together* Oh ho ho! It’s Friday people and I’ve been looking forward to this post.


You see dear reader, if it hasn’t been apparent already, I love shenanigans, fun, and nonsense and I love good books.

But more importantly, I love good books that are full of fun, shenanigans, and nonsense! ūüėÄ

I picked this book up on a whim because I saw the gaaawjiss cover at my university book store. It sat for a long time since I was too lazy to read it, and holy god bananas, the Sword of Summer is a book that delivered much more than I thought it would.

The Basics

Magus Chase is pretty much a homeless kid who finds out that he’s the son of the Norse God Frey and he is trying to prevent the fabled Ragnarok (Doomsday) from happening by making sure that Fenris doesn’t escape from his chains.

The Bells And Whistles

  • Norse Mythology¬†entertained with the modern world.¬†There’s no shortage of Norse-based movies, games, and books, but this one in particular combines the modern world and Norse myths in unique ways that make the book memorable. Thor binge watches TV shows, Odin is a motivational speaker (or rather trying to be), Jack is the name of Frey’s sword and it speaks, Valhalla is a hotel, eagle giants steal food, the list goes on.
  • It’s educational without being a boring-ass textbook.¬†It could just be my Art Historian showing, but I found myself intrigued by the explanations and wanting to know more about all of the myth figures involved.
  • The chapter titles. “The Man with the Metal Bra”. “Good Morning! You’re Going to Die”. “Seriously, the Dude Cannot Drive”. “My Sword Almost Ends Up on eBay”. Don’t tell me that you wouldn’t be the least bit tempted to read if you saw that!
  • The shenanigans.¬†I don’t think I’ll ever forget someone barging in with a Make Way For Ducklings sign. Or Odin offering CDs and god swag from his powerpoint presentation.

The “Eh‚Ķ”

Most stuff is hard to rip apart because it’s only the first book, and also the book already sort of establishes itself as being nonsensical, but I’ve got one major one.

  • Some characters just completely fall off.¬†Like Magnus’s Uncle Rudolph. And Annabeth. The story is written from Magnus’s point of view and he spends quite a bit of time in the godlier world, so its hard to say “should’ve had more on-screen time”. But the time that they did have didn’t feel like enough, and I almost felt like the story could’ve been written without them. With any luck, the rest of the series will incorporate them more.

The Conclusion

This is definitely one of the books you won’t forget. And overall, I think that it deserves a 5/5.

Shenanigans and Announcements

You’ve probably noticed this, but there is now a link to my book here on the website. But more importantly, there is a link to the soundtrack that goes with it. So you can chill with your tunes while you read. Every book will come with its own soundtrack so be on the look out for them here!

There’s also a book excerpt here on the site that you can check out in the drop down menu or¬†here.



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