Fast Flash Friday: The Writing Sketchbook Project And Prompt #1

Hey everybody!

I know what you’re probably thinking…

It’s Friday, what in the name of butt-monkeys almighty are you doing posting things?

I had that same exact thought yesterday, but I decided, “Meh, I’ll do it anyway.” You never know who you might help or inspire with what you say, so I figure that this is worth a shot.

But also, I am still staying true to my motto of “as long as it doesn’t strain my writing” by doing this because this doesn’t actually cost me too much extra time or effort.

Though now you might be wondering what this is referring to. As the title suggests, this is The Writing Sketchbook. It came from the idea I’ve been having for a while because as some of you know, I love writing and drawing and even more I love thinking of ways to combine the two.

And my favorite writing exercises of all time is the Character Sketch and the Setting Sketch. These are basically where I listen to a music piece and craft a whole new character or setting on the spot for that piece. My now 600+ pages of freewriting documents are full of these little tidbits that are sort of not doing much on my end.

So this is where The Writing Sketchbook comes in.

I know some people out there like pre-made prompts and ideas to help them when they get stuck, so I don’t mind sharing my writing sketches as prompts here. I’m not using all 600+ pages of them anyway, so feel free to use it or ignore it.

But what I will say is this…

Because they come from my freewriting, there are a lot of sentence fragments since it’s mostly a stream-of-conscious style. I’d like to preserve that if you don’t mind.

So without further ado…

Here’s the Prompt #1.

In the rain. The drenched telephones stretching high toward a dreary cloud-sheeted gloom. The rain patters endlessly. Streetlights shed a muddled glow in the street water. Condensation fogs the windows of the lonely red car on the sidewalk. The streets lay empty. No one is driving. No one cares for the run-down shack of a house on the corner. The missing roof shingles. The weedy lawn. The abandoned tricycle behind the chain-linked fence.


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