Fast Flash Friday: Prompt #12

Woods with red leaved trees. An abandoned house with a woodcutting axe still in the stump. A fire was on outside. Charred firewood out in the front. Broken windows and upturned furniture.


Fast Flash Friday Prompt # 10

Hot. Heat shimmying down your back. Cold perspiration seeping from your pores, trapped under the itchy cotton of your shirt. Itching of your weave. A hot day. Hot and sticky. Humid. A day in the rice field. Back sore and sweaty from bending over. Feet wet by warm water.

Random Author’s Note: I don’t know why, but I just adore the picture of rice grain. Maybe it’s because I’m just a riceaholic. 🙂

Fast Flash Friday: Prompt #9

Sitting in an ice-cream shop. Ice-cream Malts printed on blush pink and red striped wall paper. Whirling Fans hanging from the low ceiling. What ice cream flavors are on sale today? Green tea, mango, sherbert— behind the condensation on the glass. A cross-eyed teenager comes to the register, dark curls peeking under his Yuki’s Ice Cream hat. He rubs his hands together and stutters out a “W-what can I get for you today?” First day on the job I bet.

Fast Flash Friday: Prompt #8

Town of close fitting apartments and a scrunched bluey dawn looming over. A girl playing hopscotch on potholey streets. And the neighborhood boys chucking rocks down the alley.

A mom dumps a bag full of Bertolli into the skillet and cuttin’ on medium heat. Her girlfriends chillin’ on the couch. The Mercedez parked outside. Not the best kind of neighborhood. The boondocks. The parking meter has been broke for months.